CNS Research Review


We are busy preparing for the summer CNS Research Review at UCSD. This will be our eleventh semi-annual review and our biggest one yet with more than 100 attendees registered. Time certainly seems to be accelerating as this will be the ninth review that I am running as the Center Director. Special thanks to Kathy Krane and Paul Terry who are managing every detail for the event.

Greg Papadapalous will kick off the meeting with a keynote on his perspective of the future of computing. Greg has been an inspiration to me personally since he attended the NOW project retreats while I was a graduate student. At one of these meetings about 15 years ago, Greg said something very simple and yet profound, “The only good network is a boring network.” Certainly in the age of utra large scale data centers and a billion-node Internet, we still fall far short of this ideal.

Some of the highlights of the meeting will include:

  • Four presentations from our industrial partners on some of the top challenges that they are facing.
  • Updates and final reports on 11 ongoing CNS collaborations with our industrial partners.
  • Proposals for new 2009-2011 CNS research efforts.
  • A student poster session.
  • Feedback from our guests on our research. This is always the most valuable portion of the review. Nothing like having pointed feedback from some of the top people in industry about the directions we undertake.

Amin Vahdat is a Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego.

July 2009

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