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YY Zhou Joins UC San Diego

I wanted to welcome Professor YY Zhou to UC San Diego.  YY is also joining our Center for Networked Systems as our 20th faculty member.  We were very happy to hire YY, most recently from the University of Illionois Computer Science department.  YY has been prolific in operating systems, storage, computer architecture, software engineering, and a variety of other areas.  I think it is fair to say that she and her students have performed some of the most creative work in recent years, pushing the state of the art in some of the most difficult problems in system reliability.

YY and her graduate students co-founded PatternInsight to commercialize some of their advancements.  The company already has a number of customers for their product, including places such as Intel, Cisco, Juniper, and Network Appliance.

Earlier, her work on software reliability has made quite a splash at SOSP, the premier computer systems conference, with six of her papers appearing there over the past three iterations.  Her most recent paper at SOSP 2009 investigates techniques for reproducing concurrency bugs in multicore/multiprocessor systems, a critical problem in software reliability as virtually all software must become increasingly concurrent to take advantage of performance improvements in underlying processors.

Her work at SOSP would be enough for most, but YY and her colleagues have also been regular contributors to MICRO, ISCA, ASPLOS, FAST, and OSDI.

We are very excited to have YY join our systems and networking group.

Amin Vahdat is a Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego.

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