SIGCOMM 2010 Travel Grants and VISA Workshop

This year, I had the pleasure of serving on the SIGCOMM 2010 program committee.  I may write more about the experience later, but the short version is that I really enjoyed reading the papers and was particularly impressed by the deep discussions at the two-day program committee last month.  K.K. Ramakrishnan and Geoff Voelker did a terrific job as co-chairs and I believe their efforts are well reflected in a very strong program.

The conference will be held in New Delhi this year and the organizing committee has been fortunate to secure some generous support for travel grants.  This year, grants will be available not just for students, but also for post docs and junior faculty.  The deadline for application has been extended to June 12, 2010.  Full details are available here.  On behalf of the SIGCOMM organizing committee, I encourage everyone interested to apply.

If you do attend SIGCOMM, let me also put in a plug for the VISA workshop.  This is the second workshop on Virtualized Infrastructure Systems and Architecture, building on the successful program we had last year.  I was the co-program chair this year with Guru Parulkar and Cedric Westphal.  Virtualization remains an important topic and VISA is playing an important role for discussion of important problems across systems and networks.

Amin Vahdat is a Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego.

June 2010

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